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Our 3D design and production capabilities give you the ability to tell a story in any style or theme you’d like. We specialize in bespoke designs for museums, art shows, and other unique exhibitions. Collaborate with us to turn your vision into a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.


Mannequins are special. They exist at the intersection of art and commerce, where form meets function. We understand their unique power to engage customers on a visceral level. Our retail partners trust us to provide mannequin solutions that promote their brand and look great in stores. Here are a few of our mannequins in-store, in action and on display.


Free of practical restraints, trade shows allow us to let loose and have some fun. Whether it’s special themes like the Roaring 20s or one-of-a-kind statues like our 15-foot-tall Venus, these exhibitions highlight our creativity and story-telling ability. Enjoy this highlight reel of our past convention appearances, showcasing the best designs and materials we have to offer!

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