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Lee Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse

© Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Your brand and store identity are unique representations of your company.  Your mannequins are also an extension of that brand, showcasing the lifestyle that customers want to experience in your stores.

We understand the importance of capturing your unique brand identity. With our passion for fashion, anticipation of trends, and our expertise in mannequins, we can offer the best combination of design, material, hardware, and finish to elevate your store's presentation.

Rapid 3D Customization
3D logo
With state-of-the-art 3D design technology, our creative team can bring your display concepts to life with rapid speed to fit tight deadlines. Our creative design services are complementary and at no cost to our customers.


What is it and How Does it Work?

Print-to-Last (PTL) material is a renewable bioplastic derived from natural plants. It is bio-degradable and fully recyclable. This latest advancement in technology allows us to produce store-ready mannequins in a quick turnaround time without using molds. The strength of Print-to-Last (PTL) material is comparable to the traditional ABS material. It is ultra-durable, and lightweight but does not require the expensive steel molding costs of the ABS process.  We currently have 60 large-scale printers for both prototyping and mass production scale projects.
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© Skirtball Cutural Center


CNL | Patina-V specializes in custom design and production of premium quality mannequins at competitive prices. With 40 years of innovative expertise and worldwide recognition, we strive to provide complete solutions that fit your brand! 

Here are just but a few of our many advantages:

  • Rapid 3D Customization
  • Complementary Design Services
  • Competitive Factory Direct Pricing
  • Free Warehousing
  • Exemplary Customer Care
  • Financial Stability - Financially stable and robust, we are here to service you long-term.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing - We take pride in having our own award-winning manufacturing facility, fully audited by international brands.
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