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CNL mannequins history


The origins of CNL | PATINA-V mannequins trace back to 1989 in Los Angeles County, California.

The question of what "CNL" signifies has a simple yet profound answer deeply rooted in family. When our founder established the business, the company's initials held personal significance, representing the last names of both him and his wife's families.

In 2017, CNL underwent a significant transformation, transitioning into a digital design and 3D printing operation, departing from traditional clay sculpting methods. This shift allowed us to swiftly create and print new collections within days, revolutionizing our production timeline. Additionally, in 2018, CNL expanded its portfolio by acquiring the esteemed PATINA-V, encompassing their entire collections and brand.

What sets CNL apart is a combination of business acumen and an unwavering commitment to prioritizing customer needs. Our determination to fulfill these needs, coupled with a customer-first approach, distinguishes us from the competition.

Today, CNL stands for Creative New Leader Inc., epitomizing our commitment to innovation and leadership in the industry. Specializing in the custom design and production of high-quality mannequins at competitive prices, we bring four decades of innovative expertise and global recognition to the table. Our financial stability underscores our dedication to long-term service. Grounded in family values and integrity, our company continues to operate with the same ethos that shaped our roots.

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