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Paint Cans


Design consultation

With our in-house design team, we can ensure quality, confidentiality, and shorter lead times to bring your vision to life. Combined with our extensive expertise in manufacturing, we can create your custom dream project to fit your budget.

Designing Together
Green Recycle Symbol
Material options

At CNL | Patina-V, we are committed to finding the best materials with the smallest carbon footprint. We have developed materials options that are sustainable, durable, and affordable. We can provide our customers with viable solutions to recycle or repurpose their used mannequins.

  • Print-to-Last (PTL) = the latest technology, this is the renewable bioplastic for 3D printing.

  • ABS = 100% recyclable thermoplastic that can be melted down and reused.

  • BioFiber = plant-derived resins and organic fibers that is green.

  • Fiberglass = traditional and affordable material for any sized project.

  • Polyurethane = durable and resilient material that is long-lasting.

Magnetic Attraction

All of our mannequins and forms (with arms) come with our uniquely designed magnetic fittings. These fittings offer high stability but yet easy to assemble and un-assemble during the dressing process.

Magnetic Fitting
Color Swatches
Bespoke Colors & Finishes

We can make items in all types of standard Pantone colors and finishes; we also offer a variety of special texture finishes to make your mannequins stand out from the crowd.

To customize is as simple as steps 1 - 2 - 3.
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